About Kristen

Kristen’s love and appreciation for art in all of its forms came at an early age. Both her maternal grandmother and mother are artists, so exploring her right-brained side was not a far reach. She has dipped her toes in many creative outlets including architecture, graphic design, writing, advertising, event planning, ballet and more, but something about painting has always stuck with her.

After college at Texas Tech, she married her high school sweetheart. While working in the nonprofit sector, they quickly grew to a family of five. Over this time, she turned to her favorite creative outlet and has developed a way to balance and beautifully intertwine her mom life and artist life.

Since its start in late 2020, Kristen has been so humbled and grateful for the support of Kristen Whaley Studio. Every comment, like, order, and follow keeps her motivated and gives a tired mom a way to have some escape from the daily chaos. Thank you for the love and for allowing Kristen Whaley Studio to have a little piece of your home!

Artist Statement

What makes art special? What makes art meaningful? What makes art beautiful?

To me, it is not how much collegiate training the artist has had. It is not if it looks like it fits in an influencer’s home. It is not how many followers the artist has, or how many galleries represent him or her.

Art is special because YOU deem it to be.

When you look at it, it makes you FEEL. When you hang it in your home, you do a little giddy dance. When it is in the background of all your candid photos, it adds a little something extra. You like it and that’s really all that matters.

Art is meaningful because YOU own it.

Cultivating an art collection is also cultivating a legacy. It is not just about the artist behind the piece, but also the person that collects that piece. A piece can bring nostalgia knowing that “Grandma loved that painting” or “This painting will always remind me of my mom dancing in the kitchen” or a biggie… “This painting brings me closer to God.” Art can do that.

Art is beautiful because a real person created it from their soul and with their hands.

My work is not AI generated, my work is not cookie cutter,my work is not copy/paste. My work comes from many years of hard work – yes,but also from a person with a past, a present, and a future. The artist has a story and that translates to a piece that you connect with because you too, have a story.

With three young children, my process isn’t always peaceful and uninterrupted. For me, painting is beautifully intertwined with motherhood- typically completed in the cracks of my day, alongside curious children, or when I need a little escape during an episode of “Bluey.” Not many people love every aspect of their job, but I am fortunate to have found a career that makes me want to keep showing up and keep creating. My journey as an artist enables me to connect with myself, my family, my Christian faith, and connect with YOU. 

Making a house a home is a process, typically over many years and life stages. I know not every decorative piece in your home has meaning behind it. Believe me, I am no Marie Kondo, but when you want to add warmth, originality, a wow-factor, and an overall enrichment to your house that you are making a home, consider original artwork.

My fine art pieces are inspired by my daily life as a Christian wife and mother, my children, nature, color palettes, music, textiles, emotions and more. My hope is that my work adds to your story, inspires your family, and makes your visitors feel right at home.

Kristen Whaley Studio | Fine art to enrich your life

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